Rick Eckert

Hometown: York, PA
Birthday: Dec. 14, 1965
Car: No. 7 
Team: Paul Crowl Racing
Website: www.rickeckertracing.com

World of Outlaws History: 
With 35 Series victories, Rick “Scrub” Eckert ranks fourth on the tour’s modern-era wins list and fifth on the all-time wins list. He is known for consistently finishing among the front of the pack and the 2016 season was no exception. Eckert claimed third in the points standings with one win, 13 top-five, and 29 top-10 finishes in 2016. Ten times throughout his career, Eckert has landed among the top five in the point’s race. Eckert was one of the original 12 contract drivers when World Racing Group restarted the Series in 2004 and has been a mainstay on the tour ever since. Scrub claimed his only series championship in 2011 and finished second in the 2012 and 2014 standings.

Other Racing History: Since emerging on the national scene in the mid-1990s, Eckert has been one of the sport’s most successful drivers with two Xtreme DirtCar Series championships to go along with his World of Outlaws title and victories in prestigious events such as the Dream and the Dirt Track World Championship.


“I was here when they first started the series, one of the first 12 guys competing for the $1,000 purses for the first couple years. I don’t know if we’re an Outlaw Outlaw – like a Jesse James type-thing – but we do go in there to their neighborhood and try to take their money. That’s what makes us an Outlaw.” 


What’s one memory you have from all of your years racing that really stands out to you?”

“Probably my best World of Outlaws moment was when we went to Attica, OH. I was in my own car and blew up in time trials, and then I had to run the B-Main. I made the race, and then I got to fifth and they had to red flag it. I had a hole in my radiator, so we changed the radiator and I passed for the lead with two to go and I won the race. That and winning the World of Outlaws Championship on the last lap at [The Dirt Track at] Charlotte in front of all of those people. Me and Josh [Richards] had to finish in front of each other, and he passed me and I passed him back, and then he passed me and I passed him back, and then he got away from me, and then on the last lap he blew his tire and I passed him coming off of one and two on the last lap.


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